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Drive CX is a customer experience management platform for the restaurant, retail, and service industry. Their software is currently available only on desktop devices, and they were looking to develop a mobile application that will improve employee engagement and foster a sense of community in the workplace.


Kick Off Workshop

This kickoff workshop involved the DriveCX team. Ranging from an executive, developers and consultants. This interview focused on the pain points of the current platform, auditing features and defining the userbase.

User Research

Interesting insights from stakeholder interviews

3 interviews to gain more insight. Understanding the pain points of employees and managers in-store assisted in creating a better in-your-hand mobile experience.

“Participant 1 believed regular feedback could have improved the relationships between all staff members.”

Participant 1

“We work together almost everyday. If I could do something to make it a better work environment ... will happily want to hear their feedback”

Partipant 2

“Participant 3 believed the feedback from his manager built his confidence and opened up the dialogue on what his future plans were.”

Participant 3

Competitor Analysis

3 companies competing in the employee engagment space with a focus on their visual layout, user flow and functionality. My goal was to get a better understanding of the industry and examine what works and what can be improved.


Different Companies

Key Learnings

Importance of communication and feedback between employee and manager is critical


Competitors lacked a strong employee engagement solution


Check-In Pulse

Allowing employees to check in with a survey each week to provide managers with practical feedback

Discussion Boards

Idea and announcement boards helping organizations communicate and ideate from all levels.

Actionable Insights

Analytics on all facets of the organization. From sales, to front line workers and feedback management.

Customer Feedback

A feature that allows customers to also use the application to provide establishments with direct feedback

Sketches & Ideation

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Homescreen Iterations

Introducing DriveCX

High Fidelity

Manager Dashboard

Both employee's and managers have different access rights and would see different dashboards. However, with the design system, elements were developed for consistency and cleanliness of the important information required in the view.

Employee Dashboard

Personal Project Learnings

Focus on the bigger picture & MVP

Guide the client's focus to prioritizing must-haves. We spent most of our time deliberating on nice-to-have features, which was ineffective.


Iterate more in the wireframe phase

Be patient throughout the wireframe phase to help with decision making


Suggesting Changes

Educating the client on the process and reinforcing date & insights from Research phase to ensure we continue to focus on the right things


Take it for a spin!

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Clickable Prototype

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